Songs of Heaven and Earth

I'm a Corey Voss fan. He's a great, young worship leader and songwriter. I've introduced his songs to my church, including "Praise the King", which is easily a favorite in my congregation. This week, he's releasing his first full-length album under Integrity Music called Songs of Heaven and Earth. On this album Corey continues to write songs for the church to sing. Along with "Praise the King", the songs that stand out to me are "Lift Oh Gates", "God Who Moves the Mountains", "As it is in Heaven" and "Don't Ever Let Me Go".

Corey's influence is also broadening to the CCM world with Selah recording "I Got Saved" and Jaci Velazquez recording "God Who Moves the Mountains". It's always great to see someone who has a heart for the Lord use their gifts to serve His Church. Corey seems to have that heart and he certainly has an amazing gift when it comes to helping us sing songs together.

Another reason I love this album, is Corey's voice. He has a distinct quality as an artist, but still has a voice that is easy to sing along with. That's a great attribute for any worship leader.

Whether for personal worship or corporate worship, this release will serve you well.

Download it on iTunes here

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