New Music You Need to Hear

There's a few new releases that I'm excited about and I think you'll appreciate these titles and artists.

Songs of Heaven and Earth (Vol. 1) EP – Corey Voss

I'm a Corey Voss fan. He's a great, young worship leader and songwriter. I've introduced his songs to my church, including "Praise the King", which easily a favorite in my congregation. In July he release a new EP called Songs of Heaven and Earth (Vol. 1). Corey continues to write songs for the church to sing on this project. All 5 of these new tunes are accessible for the local church to sing. I especially like "Canyons" & "Don't Ever Let Me Go". The song "God Who Moves the Mountains" will probably be a song you'll hear in more and more churches, as I'm considering for mine as well.  click here to download on iTunes

Alisa Turner – EP
Here's a name you'll want to remember, because I believe you may hear her on the radio soon. Alisa Turner is a new artist with Integrity and has an amazing story, which you click here to watch. I met Alisa last Fall and I appreciate her heart and sincerity. I genuinely hope to hear her song "My Prayer For You" on Christian radio soon. I think it will bless a lot of listeners. Along with that, there's some amazing songs for corporate and personal worship.  click here to download on iTunes

The Low and Behold EP – Brothers McClurg
This release is one of the most unique projects you'll hear in Christian music. I've been aware of Brothers McClurg since their album Alive a few years ago. Since then, they've gone a different musical direction. Pulling from their roots, they're tapping into a folk, gospel style that showcases their rich harmonies and soulful writing. My favorites are "Praise My Maker" and "Waymaker". You'll definitely want to check this out.  click here to download on iTunes

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