Album Review - Still Vol. 1

Rivers & Robots is a worship band from the UK. Per their website, they are "missionaries, and spend their time leading worship in churches, clubs and festivals."

Their latest release is actually an instrumental album full of worship songs that range generationally from the Millennial era all the way back to the Boomer era. I'm a Gen-Xer and I especially appreciated the nod to one of my favorite Matt Redman songs "Lord Let Your Glory Fall."

I love worship instrumental albums, especially as I spend time with God in the Word. This is presently my quiet time music.

I'm sure most people will be familiar with one or more of the songs on the track list:

1. King Of My Heart

2. We Have Overcome

3. Interlude 1

4. Good Good Father

5. The Lion And The Lamb

6. Majesty

7. Boldly I Approach

8. Interlude 2

9. I Exalt Thee

10. Be Still

11. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

12. Interlude 3

13. Saviour Of The World

14. Lord Let Your Glory Fall

15. Lord I Need You

16. Revelation Song

Thank you Rivers & Robots and Integrity Music for this release!

Click Here to download it on iTunes today!

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