Album Review - Back to the Start

The band Delirious? was worship music before worship music was cool. The frontman was a guy named Martin Smith. One of the best concerts I've ever been to was a Delirious? concert. Martin and the band truly knew how to write, record and lead songs that set the stage for an amazing encounter with our God.

Now, he's solo and has a new release called Back to the Start. Here's a description from Integrity Music:

Former Delirious? frontman, co-founder and primary songwriter, Martin Smith releases Back To The Start, Oct. 21 though Integrity Music exclusively throughout North America. Combining favorites from his 5-star-acclaimed solo debut, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 01, and second, full-length installment, God’s Great Dance Floor, Step 02, the resulting collection reintroduces songs recently heard on Martin’s tour with Bethel Music to North American audiences.

If you're a Delirious? fan, you'll love this project. It's pure Martin Smith writing and a very authentic feel in the production. My favorites were "Back to the Start", "Emmanuel", "Waiting Here For You", "Awake My Soul" and "Song of Solomon" which is a beautiful, intimate, biblical ballad. There's also a much better version of "God's Great Dance Floor"...no offense Chris Tomlin and Passion. :)

Here's a couple cool concept videos from the album:

"Back to the Start (God's Great Dance Floor)"


Thank you Martin Smith and Integrity Music for this release! Loving it!!!

Click Here to download it on iTunes today!

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