Album Review - Rushing Waters

My favorite worship albums are the ones that are live & local. What does that mean? "Live" is obviously a live recording where you get to experience the songs in the context in which they were meant to be experienced. Worship music thrives in corporate worship. "Local" is where you get to hear songs that were birthed in the context of the local church.

Integrity's new release by their new artist Dustin Smith is both live & local. Therefore, I love it!

Rushing Waters is more than an album. It's an experience. Corporate worship is supposed to be an experience and this project definitely captures that. You definitely feel Dustin Smith's anointing and passion for God and His Church. Not to mention, he's a killer vocalist.

As a worship leader, I first look at what songs I can use in my local congregation. The one that keeps grabbing me is "Yahweh". It's a challenge to find really good, fresh upbeat worship songs and that's exactly what "Yahweh" is.

The other stand outs were "Let Justice Roll", "Lord of All", "Reign Over Me", "The One That Really Matters", "You are the Fire" and the title track is just crazy good. Here's a video...

My response to this album is "It's about time!" I really hope to see the industry follow Integrity's lead and continue to take what's happening in local churches to the masses. We NEED more of these releases and more of these kinds of artists giving songs to churches.

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