Book Review - MONSTER

MONSTER by Frank Peretti

Being in full time ministry the last 10 years, I've completely gotten away from reading fiction. I've been in study mode for so long, I forgot the joy of fiction. This year I decided to read a novel again, so I read my favorite fiction author's book Monster.

Very cool story about some unassuming people stumbling into a possible Sasquatch as they are hiking through the woods. As in all his novels, there's always a spiritual message, sometimes blunt and sometimes underlying. This is Peretti's most underlying message for sure. Even after finishing it, I'm still thinking about the message he's conveying in this story. Creationism vs. Evolution is the most obvious guess for me. I actually appreciate it being more underlying than blunt. That always calls for more creativity and blunt can sometimes be a lazy, less challenging route for a writer.

If you like Peretti's previous work, especially The Oath, I would highly recommend this one. It's great to be reading fiction again!

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