Album Review - Who We Are

I love listening to songs from talented artists who I've had the opportunity to meet in person. It gives me an inside perspective into the heart of the songs. It's a deeper perspective.

I've gotten to know and become good friends with Eddy Mann. I've seen his heart and led worship with him. So, when I listen to his recordings, I can validate the heart behind the songs from my experience with him. He's a great friend and a Godly family man with a heart for the Body of Christ.

I recently gave his latest album, Who We Are, a thorough listen on a flight home. In a word, it's very peaceful. I was able to just close my eyes and hear well-written songs with biblical integrity and excellent musicianship. Eddy's guitar work and vocals are very easy on the ears. He's gifted by God and he's using that gift for God's glory.

The standouts for me were "Beautiful Day", "We Stand in God's Grace", "Christ Will Come Again" and "He's Coming".

The album title accurately depicts the playlist. It's a group of songs that articulate who we are to be as the Church. It will definitely be a go-to for me when I'm in the mood for some chill music.

If you're an Eric Clapton fan, I would highly recommend this album. I think you'll hear some similarities in style...which should tell you the quality level as well. Go check it out!

Thanks Eddy!

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