Album Review - Still Believe

I can easily say that I believe that Kim Walker-Smith is one of the most gifted voices in the "worship genre". I was introduced to her when I heard the Jesus Culture recording of "How He Loves" years ago and I was hooked.

That being said, I'm thrilled to be posting a review of her new album, Still Believe.

It goes without saying that her voice is a producer's dream. It sets her a part. She has such a unique tone and quality and it's the instrument that exudes her passion for the living God.

The first track of the album grabbed me right away. The song "Alive" is well-written and full of impact, especially when you hit the hook of the chorus. Her vocal takes on an overwhelming, angelic tone as she sings the word "Alive" in the chorus. It truly struck me.

The song "The King is Here" is one I definitely have my eye on to incorporate in our worship services at my church. It's a killer, infectious anthem I could hear all kinds of congregations lifting up.

The title track is ridiculous...in a good way. It's a ballad and a heart cry to a very deserving God.

The only critique I have is rooted in semantics. The song "Waste it All" has an excellent concept, but I struggle with that phrase. Worship that is directed to God is never wasted...it's a bit nit-picky, but I still would wrestle with that one.

Over all, this album is a gift to the Church, filled with songs of adoration and passion that the true worshipper can sing out. If you love worship music, you'll love this.

Excellent album!

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