The Earth is Yours - Simple Version

I absolutely love the music of Gungor. Probably the best thing going, musically, in Christian music. They have a song from their Beautiful Things album called "The Earth is Yours". The instant I heard it, I knew it could be an amazing song for my church to sing. The issue with Gungor songs is that they're so well written, musically, and it can be a little difficult for your average church band to pull off. I feel very strongly that songs should be very accessible for people who come in to worship every week at church, so I decided to re-structure the song, change the key and make it real simple to play and sing. We did it this last week, so I thought I'd share it and show you a simple version of this great song. Comment your email, if you'd like the chord chart I made & let me know what you think of this version.


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