Tattoo #2

So, I got the itch for another tattoo. The first one I got was for my brother's wedding...just a small one on my upper arm. At the beginning of this year, I decided I would get another one on vacation, but.....what to get and where?

I decided on the inside of my left forearm was the "where". As far as the "what"....I definitely knew I wanted something that meant something and was a bit unique. I finally decided on the letter "J". I absolutely love my family, which is....Jennifer, Joshua and Jade. My wife is the greatest woman on earth and my kids are amazing.

Not to mention the deepest and obvious meaning....Jesus.

I also decided to pick a font that fit me and had a design feel. I think the font is legible, yet will cause some discussion as I talk to people.

All those elements put together and you have my tattoo #2.

Jesus, Jennifer, Joshua, Jade.......the loves of my life.

As an added bonus, I thought I could finally be on the "J Team" in my house, but after I asked my daughter, she said that I wasn't in still, because I didn't "J" in my name....I guess enduring a tattoo wasn't good enough for her. :)

I got my tattoo on vacation at Black Orchid Tattoo in Savannah, GA. Great place, great artist.

Here's a quick video of the experience...

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