Album Review - Beautiful Truth

Several years ago, I started writing worship music and recording. A newcomer artist to the worship scene caught my attention. His worship songwriting really connected to what I desired to write....Scriptural, accessible songs that my church could sing. Unfortunately, those adjectives are getting harder and harder to find in a lot of the worship music that is promoted today. His name was Mark Roach.

I shot him an email and I think he responded in about 5 minutes. That turned into a friendship and him taking the time to give me advice and wisdom in songwriting and being a worship leader in the local church.

All that being said, I'm honored to post a review of his new EP release, Beautiful Truth.

One thing I know about Mark is that he has a heart for the church that transcends any desire for fame and notoriety. He is the worship arts director of Morning Star Church in O'Fallon, Missouri.

On his newest release, Beautiful Truth, he has stayed the course in writing songs for the church.

Here's my rundown...

1. "Glory Hallelujah" - This is an ideal opener for a worship album. It's a call to worship for the congregation. The chorus starts with "This is our song..."

2. "Here with You" - A love song to God with a major theme of dependence.

3. "Every Reason Why" -  It's because of God we're alive. He is every reason why.

4. "Holy Lord" - This song is all about the Trinity...a theme that's greatly missing in modern worship. I love how the 1st, 2nd and 3rd verse represent each part of the trinity, separately and builds to the all encompassing theme of the chorus, which is HOLY.

5. "Transformed" - A declaration of transformation that has a killer drive rooted in Romans 12.

6. "Beautiful Truth" - There's no doubt this should have been the title track. A truly beautiful song for any congregation to sing. God's truth is what we all need to pursue, because at the end of the day, our opinions are just ugly compared it.

All of these songs are singable for your church. There are also elements that bring it into the modern era. There's no question that these songs were written from the heart of a church leader.


Get it today on iTunes.

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