Album Review - The Moment We've Been Waiting For

Last year, I went to the National Worship Leaders Conference in Kansas City. As a songwriter, I always take advantage of the songwriting critique panels they offer. They usually consist of artists and record company people who give their thoughts and opinions of your song. Last year, a guy named Richie Fike was on the panel & critiqued one of my songs. It's kind of a coincidence that now I sit here critiquing his songs. He gave me a great review, so hopefully I can return the favor here. :)

Fike is not just Richie Fike. It's Richie and Dana Fike, husband and wife, worship pastors at Vanguard Church in Colorado Springs, and Integrity Music new artist and writers. That's a mouth full.

One of the first things that grabbed me was Richie and Dana's vocals. Very smooth and distinct. They mesh very well and easy to listen to.

My favorite track is probably Glorious You Are. Just a beautiful song of worship that will work corporately.

For me there was also a standout lyric on this album that really struck me and stuck with me. It's the opening line on the song Wait:

"It never goes like I thought it should, and that's a real nice thing, because the Lord is good."

I just thought that was a really profound and beautiful way to express that message. Great writing!

The other standout songs for me were Jehovah (also great lyrically), Be Still, and the title track, The Moment We've Been Waiting For.

Not all the songs are corporate worship friendly, but there's a lot of heart and beauty in this album. I really enjoyed listening through it. Great job Fike and Integrity!

Get it today on iTunes.

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