Chore Charts

Well, today marked a new era in the Durbin household. We've had enough of the messes and what-not, so we have implemented chore charts.

We put a lot of thought into it and even had a family meeting to explain the process. Here's how the meeting went:

First, I made them aware that we would no longer be tolerating the messes and what-not, and let them know that things had to change.

Then I explained to them how economics works. We work, we get paid, we buy stuff and give.

Now that they understood the concept of earning money, we introduced the chore charts...

Josh got a Ninja theme and Jade got a flower theme. Josh's chores include keeping his room picked up, bathroom picked up, homework done and stuff cleared out from the living room. Jade's include keeping her room picked up, bathroom picked up, feeding Titan and stuff cleared out from the living room. As they complete each task, they get a star in that particular box on that particular day.

I explained that these were their job offers. We will pay them a modest wage every Friday, if they get a star on every task for every day. Just like the average job, I told them they have until 5pm everyday to complete their tasks.

On the flip side, I had to set up some rules and consequences if they didn't do their job to the fullest. First, I let them know that the pay was either all or nothing. In other words, if they don't get a star on every task for every day, they get paid nothing. Secondly, if I see there are things out of place, I explained that I may very well throw them away, whether it be toys, games, etc.

After I explained everything, I asked them if they wanted the job and they said yes. We sealed the deal with an old fashioned hand shake.

Now, the consequences may seem a little harsh, but until they form a union, I'm banking on them for success. In fact, just as I suspected, Jade tested this only 2 hours after we implemented this.....and I followed through with our agreement...

We'll see how this goes. I'm hoping that we will see some more organization and less mess from the kiddos.....we shall see.

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