Album Review - The Same Love

When I hear the name Paul Baloche, I think two things...
1. I really would love to have lunch with that guy some day.
2. Songs for the local church to sing.

Paul Baloche, to me, is one of the few, high profile worship artists that has kept the focus on the local church. I've heard his songs. I've heard his heart at workshops and conferences. This guy loves the local church, therefore I love this guy.

That being said, I'm thrilled to be able to review his latest album from Integrity Music.
The new album is called The Same Love. Given everything I've just said, this is one of the very few "worship" albums that will come out this year, where I can see every song being used by pretty much any church. That is huge and beautiful.

On this latest release, we are flooded songs of adoration for our Savior. Songs that churches will be able to lift up together, and just in time for Easter.

"King of Heaven" stuck out to me right away. I'm not a country fan, but I loved the use of the banjo in the recording. (I don't think I've ever said that statement before. :) )

Ironically, my favorites were songs previously recorded by other artists, which I usually like Paul's take on them, because of the way he provides a version for most praise bands to pull off. "Loved by You" and "Shout for Joy", which were previously recorded by Lincoln Brewster, are definitely on my radar for my church. "Oh Our Lord", which was previously recorded by All Sons and Daughters, is so far my favorite track on the album. The way he recorded it showed me how great this song would be in a corporate worship setting.

The song that blew my mind was "Your Blood Ran Down". The first time I heard the song, I was not really impressed. The second time, I was blown away. It's an appropriate, beautiful song. It will be interesting to see how it's used in churches.

Last but not least, the title track has a really infectious hook that will not soon leave your head.

You can't go wrong with Paul Baloche. I am a huge fan of his last album, Glorious, and he certainly keeps progressing in writing and style with The Same Love. Get it!

Get this great album today on iTunes.

Here's an amazing concept video for the title track, "The Same Love".

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