From the Attic

Well, it's packing time for the Durbins. If you haven't heard, we're moving to Denver, Colorado. Last night, I decided to clean out the attic, and I had a blast to the past. Here's a few items I found...

You know you're getting old when YOUR sports cards are becoming legitimate collectibles.

This is one of my favorite gifts from my childhood. Jordan vs. Bird...I wanted this game so bad, and I'll never forget the day my Dad bought it for me.
This was before the GameBoy days...and it still works!

Last, but not least...this is a video that my friend Kurk and I made full of SNL type sketches we did in high school. We had a lot of fun doing these.
I'm definitely going to post some of these on YouTube.

Now, the attic is empty. I said goodbye to it when I closed the attic door.

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