Book Review - Lucky

Lucky by Glenn Packiam

Luck is such an interesting, multifaceted word. We use it by attributing someone's success to chance. We also use it in an envious way. We express jealousy over someone else' good fortune by saying, "They are so lucky." In Glenn Packiam's new book, Lucky, he explores my latter explanation of this interesting word into a spiritual realm.
This book is a great, thought-provoking exploration of the be-attitudes. He points out that the greek origin of the word "blessed" is "makarios", which is actually a secular term that Jesus used to express the idea of "happy or fortunate". I loved the thought process that Glenn exudes about the word "blessed". It's definitely a word that gets inserted way too quickly into conversations.
The heart and message of the book is to help us understand that as sons and daughters of God, we are blessed or fortunate or....lucky. Glenn says, "Jesus meant for His sermon to be viewed as the way to live as the people of God, not the way to become the people of God."
This is a challenging read that will inspire you to see the Kingdom of God come through your life, so as to worship our Lord and also to be a blessing to others. He goes on to say, "Carrying hope to the hopeless, being a blessing to all peoples is our original design, a design now restored to us in Christ."
I loved this book as much as Glenn's last one, called Second Hand Jesus. It's challenging, thought-provoking and educational.

Click here to get it today. You won't be sorry...you'll be lucky.

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