Album Review - To the Travelers

Hadriel is an independent Florida-based band comprised of Nate Young, Drew Eales, Rob Polischuck, Nathan Beam, Patrick Chin & Josh McDonald.
Their album, To the Travelers, is an obvious picture of their hearts for Christ. From the first track on, you hear lyrics that are honoring to God and scripture.

The opening track, "Savior I Call", gives you an instant taste of who they are, musically and lyrically, which is total quality. My favorite song on the album is "We Will Stand". I look forward to experiencing this one live in corporate worship. Musically, it's got a great emotional drive to it, and it's got fresh lyrics like, " ...we'll stand, because the blood of the Lamb has set us free."

The other stand-outs for me were "So in Love", which had me singing the hook for a couple days, and "Tonight", which was obviously written in a very real and vulnerable time.

I love this album and this band. They definitely have their own feel and style with a little Hillsong United and Elevation Worship mixed in. I'm excited to see how God uses their music.

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billy said...

grate album the best part is its not just words to sell cds knowing the guys i get to see there hearts and everything they sing ab is who they are