Album Review - You Hold it All

Description from Integrity Music
"Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, New Life Church has seen its share of trouble and triumph. Through it all the church family continues to thrive and create worship music that resounds in churches around the world. Featuring Jared Anderson, Glenn Packiam and Jon Egan, You Hold it All does what New Life is known for: deliver new songs of praise and worship to the Body of Christ."

New Life Worship has brought us some great songs for the church including, "Rescue," "Amazed," "My Savior Lives," and one of our church's favorite songs, "I Am Free."

On their new project, You Hold it All, they continue to bring us songs for the church. All through out the album you hear scripture, which is the most powerful thing we can sing as a church.

The opening track, "This I Know," is no exception. It's a great upbeat anthem about the greatness of God. "Life the Name" is definitely a song that will be pumping churches as well. I absolutely love the live version of "Our Messiah Reigns" by Glenn Packiam. I absolutely love this song and the live version really brings us into the potential and power it can have in corporate worship. It's definitely on my radar of songs to do.

"Great I Am" and "Dry Bones" are simply products of really sound, biblical and good writing. My only critique is "Be Thou Exalted," just because of the "Thou." I think that can tweaked to a more current term. It could be a little out of reach for the unchurched or those who aren't familiar with the KJV days.

My absolute favorite is "God Be Praised/Our God Reigns". This song "holds it all." It's singable for the church. It has a simple, yet completely fresh and infectious hook in the chorus. It also has that very valuable connection to the old classic "Our God Reigns." I love that as a worship leader, because its an opportunity to bridge the young and old in my congregation.

Thank you New Life, for bringing us some new songs we can sing as a Church!

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