Album Review - The Kingdom Comes

I met Glenn a couple years ago at a conference. I was really excited to talk with him, because I was just finishing up his book at the time. The vibe I got from him was refreshing. This guy isn't just a songwriter/recording artist or mega church rock star. He exudes a pastor's heart, and I have a feeling that's what he desires people to see.
Thanks to Integrity, I now have the privilege to review his new EP called The Kingdom Comes. In a broad sense, what I love about this album is the tangibility of the songs for the Church. In short, these are songs for churches to sing, and that reaches me immediately.
The opening tracks, "Our Messiah Reigns" and "All Things" are infectious and has me wanting to work them up for our church. "Forgiven Forever" and "At the Cross (Hallelujah)" are beautiful, deep ballads as well. "At the Cross" (Hallelujah)" will be a great song for Easter time.
My only critique is "Everlasting God". This has nothing to do with worship in the church. From a songwriter's perspective, I try to come up with new ways to say the same things, and "Everlasting God" is definitely a title I would stay away from. I love the song, but I probably would have tried something like "Never-ending God" or something else. It's easy for me to critique it, not being involved in the process, because "everlasting" is definitely a fitting term for the message of the song.
My goal in writing songs for the church is to write something that's simple, yet fresh, which is no easy task. Glenn's definitely done that on The Kingdom Comes. Great job, Glenn!

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