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Word Wednesday is posted every Wednesday. Each week I post a scripture that I've read that week that has spoken to me in a fresh way. I believe that if we read God's Word every day, He will give us at least one scripture every week that will impact us. Sharing Scripture with each other is like iron sharpening iron. Leave a comment and share a scripture that has impacted you this week.

Here's the scripture that stuck this week:

Acts 7 The Message

1Then the Chief Priest said, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

54-56At that point they went wild, a rioting mob of catcalls and whistles and invective. But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, hardly noticed—he only had eyes for God, whom he saw in all his glory with Jesus standing at his side. He said, "Oh! I see heaven wide open and the Son of Man standing at God's side!"

CLICK HERE to read the whole chapter.

This is truly an amazing chapter in the Bible. We see Stephen, who is the first Christian martyr, using his last breaths to glorify God and exemplify Christ-likeness. When the Chief Priest asks him to explain himself, we see him articulating the history of scripture. We see him echo the heart of some of Jesus' last words, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." We also see Jesus STANDING at God's side, instead of sitting. One author said that he like to think of it as Jesus giving Stephen a standing ovation as he exits life in the most noble way. Please take time and click the link above and read the whole chapter. It's amazing!

What's your Word?

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