Album Review - Home

I often like to chill and read books or study the Bible, while listening to music. The music I like to listen to during those times is usually a little softer & meditative. I recently received an album by Luke Parker, and it definitely fits into that kind of vibe.
Luke is a worship songwriter based in Auckland, New Zealand. Home debuted in New Zealand at #1 on the itunes inspirational charts. It was produced and recorded by Nic Manders (Brooke Fraser, Parachute Band). Speaking of the Parachute Band, if you check out my review of their latest album, you'll see a couple of Luke's songs on there: "So Much More" and "Sweet Surrender".

Luke says, "These songs were written in the hope that they would help people connect with God in a real and meaningful way." He also says, "At its heart, the album is about intimacy with our creator."

Intimacy is definitely an appropriate word for this album, not only for the types of songs he writes, but also in the way in which their performed. Great job, Luke!

Click here for Itunes to purchase "Home" today.

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