Album Review - Love Without Measure

The first thing that grabbed me about this album was the musicality of it. This is a great band with some new, creative sounds. I also really enjoyed listening to the lead vocalist-a truly great voice for the studio.
The opening track, "Gave it All" really kicks off the album well with great energy. The song that really grabbed me the most was "It's You", which features Martin Smith from Delirious. This is truly a beautifully written song with a lot of feeling. Loved it. Some other stand outs were "You Remain", "Saviour of the Broken Heart", and "Sweet Surrender". There's a few moments that could be accessible for most congregations, but for the most part, it's really more of a personal worship experience for the iPod, car, etc., in my humble opinion.
If you like a good worship band, you can't go wrong with Parachute Band. This new release is certainly no disappointment.

Go get it on Itunes today!!!

Here's the story behind the tune "It's You":

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Christopher Hopper said...

Thanks for the review, Gary! And loved that video. She was fun to watch; when she was talking bout being like a little child, I actually thought (in all the best of was) that she WAS like a little child. Just seemed like she was enjoying life.