Want or Need: EATING OUT

In an ever-growing materialistic society, it's becoming more difficult to distinguish the difference between what we really want and what we really need. It's time for you to weigh in on this discussion. It's real simple...is it a want or a need?




Matt W. said...

Total want. Some people don't seem to get that, but yeah. It's a convenience that you pay through the nose for.

Kellie Mowery said...

People don't need to eat out. It would be true to say people are healthier when they eat out less. In some ways we would all be better off if fast food restaurants ceased to exist, but then it would have a tremendously negative impact on the economy. I still say want.

Anonymous said...

Its a Want deffinetly not a Need at ALL, its just convienent for us sometimes and it feels good to not do any dishes after a Meal lol

Gary Durbin said...

Uhhhh....definitely want. Don't really feel the need to explain my answer. :)

Also, did you notice the sign on the building? Spooky.