LOVE/HATE Christmas

I think Christmas is a love/hate relationship with most people. There's things we look forward to and things we don't. Let's talk about the good and bad.

Share one thing you love and and one thing you hate about the Christmas season.


Erin said...

I LOVE the sounds, the smells the feel of Christmas. Putting up decorations and driving around looking at lights while singing the carols on the radio/ipod. Spending time with my big crazy family playing games and watching Christmas movies together.

I HATE that people (mostly adults rather than children) feel obligated to GET presents, make lists of what they want and turn it into the "stuff". That's NOT what Christmas is.

Luke said...

I LOVE the depth of the traditions, both within families and within the Church, that point us and the watching world to Christ.

I HATE that we've added so much to distract from that!