Acid Evangelism

So, evidently the tragic story of Bethany Storro getting attacked by acid was just a big lie. Not to make light of this, but I would threw it on my arm or something....definitely NOT MY FACE. Obviously, there are some deep psychological issues, and it actually scares me that people lie like this just as much as it scares me that there are perpetrators who do the actual attacking.
The icing on the cake is that she claims that she did it in the name of Jesus. She said on her facebook page that she did it to "inspire people and tell them about Jesus..." This is called using the Lord's name in vain, and that's kind of a big deal to God...i.e. the ten commandments. Don't get me wrong. My point is not to condemn this poor lady, but to challenge us to be careful of associating the name of Jesus with things. Even if we're wrong, people will here, associate, and believe, and just like that, they receive a false picture of our Savior. Hopefully, Bethany can recover from this and be restored to a more true disciple of Jesus, or maybe actually discover Jesus.

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Crystal G said...

I'm not sure how you connect Jesus with disfiguring yourself while lying about it. Maybe I missed that Sunday School class.