Judging Lebron

Well, here we are...the day after the big announcement. Lebron James is going to the Miami Heat. Why is he going there? According to Lebron, because he wants to win championships. He's going to be playing with two superstars in Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, who is arguably one of the best ever. I certainly can't fault him for that, and I like the idea of seeing superstars dropping their egos a notch for the sake of a ring, because that's what's going to HAVE to happen if they want to win. The big 3 in Boston did it, and I'm sure they don't regret it. What's interesting is the backlash, which is inevitable. This is mainly coming from Cleveland. The Cavs owner is really crossing professional boundaries with accusations about Lebron's efforts, by saying that he basically gave up and threw games. Hopefully that wasn't the case, but those are very unprofessional, emotionally-driven comments. So, are they judging Lebron too harshly and quickly. I think so. Lebron is 25 years old. He's given his first 7 years in the NBA to a team, and they came up short a few times. The reason they came up short is both the Cavs and Lebron's fault. The Cavs never truly put solid talent around James, and a guy can only go so far by himself. Let's face it...he carried them everywhere they went. And let's remember, they went to the NBA finals on his back in 2007, and they posted the best record in the NBA the last 2 years. It's also Lebron's fault, because he's young. He's not even in his prime yet. Cleveland will forever be the place known as where Lebron grew into an NBA superstar. He learned a lot, and now he is taking his skill, knowledge and wisdom to Miami. I truly believe the best is yet to come from the Lebron era, and it's exciting to know that we'll all be witnesses to it.


Crystal G said...

I personally would rather be a big fish in a little pond then be a big fish in a big pond with 2 other big fish.

Maybe it's a guy thing but I would have stayed in Cleveland and who knows where his celebrity would have taken him in Ohio.

Matt W. said...

OK, so you know I don't follow basketball, but I already knew he would pick Miami. How did I know? Taxes. Florida is the only state that was up for consideration that doesn't have a state income tax. I don't blame him, at the money he's going to be making he was looking at taking a 25-35% hit on top of the 36% in federal taxes. Not that he couldn't have lived well on what was left, but that's still a HUGE amount of money.