Album Review - Worship Rises

Background from chrisfromcanada.com:
Over the past year and a bit I’ve been spearheading this thing called WorshipRises (facebook|twitter). I’ve mentioned it a bunch of times on the blog and you may be familiar with it. Basically we’ve been gathering Canadian worship pastors/leaders together to develop worship resources for & from the Canadian church.
It’s been amazing to see the response to this thing so far – we’ve had 3 writing days attended by a total of about 50 worship leaders from every kind of church/worship expression you could imagine. Young, old, men, women, white, black, hispanic, conservative, charismatic – it’s been incredible. At our last writing day we were very fortunate to have
Paul Baloche and Jared Anderson join the 32 worship pastors/leaders who were there in attendance.

This is a great contribution to the Church. All 4 of the songs on this EP are very accessible for any church, and as a worship leader, I really appreciate it. The standouts for me were "Everlasting Light" and "Worship Rises". I especially like "Everlasting Light". It's infectious!

Thanks to Chrisfromcanada.com for the chance to review this project. Great stuff!

Go get it on Itunes today!!!

Worship Rises (Live In Chicago) from Joshua Seller on Vimeo.

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