Album Review - John Mark McMillan - The Medicine

The Medicine by John Mark McMillan

For those of us in the worship circles, when we hear the name, John Mark McMillan, we smile. We smile because he brought us a fresh heart cry for the church in the song, "How He Loves". That definitely has to be, if not the biggest song, one of the biggest songs for the church in the last few years.
When you listen to his new album, The Medicine, you find out there's much more than just one song when it comes to John Mark McMillan. You find a true artist. This is easily the best Christian album I've heard in a very long time. For me, the album represented a quality Folk/Rock project that glorifies God. McMillan is definitely a story-teller, which brings a Dylan quality to his music. I love that. Also, the electric guitar work really rounds off the recording with a very raw Kings of Leon feel. It's not too often I think of Bob Dylan and Kings of Leon when I hear Christian music, but that's what you get with this album.
As far as stand out tracks, "How He Loves" is easily the best recorded version of the song. I like the other ones that have come out by different artists, but it's an appropriate thing that the author of the song records the version that exceeds the others. Bravo on that! I also really like "Skeleton Bones". In a word, it's infectious. The other song that knocked me off my feet was "Dress Us Up". This is not an album full of songs for the church, but this is another one that could definitely find itself in corporate worship. I felt it was an incredibly fresh and daring recording. They definitely captured the energy and passion of the song.
I absolutely loved this album, and I expect to see many more projects from McMillan in the future. I'm excited and encouraged to see this special artist in the Christian music industry. Hopefully, we'll see more like him in the future. Great job John Mark McMillan and Integrity Music!

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