Album Review - Joel Auge - Invisible Things

Invisible Things by Joel Auge

Invisible Things is the sophomore solo album from Integrity’s artist, Joel Auge. Joel is a Canadian singer/songwriter, and he is a also a worship leader for The Meeting House family of churches in Ontario.
“To all who listen with an open heart and mind, thank you… My goal was to make something original, inspiring, and with no boundaries - as a reflection of the Saviour I serve.”, says Auge. I listened to this project with an open heart and mind, and I definitely appreciated this album. In his goal to make something original and with no boundaries, Auge succeeded. The opening track, “Be Lifted”, is an out of the box worship tune that takes you by surprise. Musically speaking, most churches will struggle to emulate the style, but the song in it’s raw form could definitely be implemented into corporate worship. Another song that grabbed me was “You and Your Things”. I thought it was daring and beautiful to have a raw feel through half of the track. It’s beautiful song musically and lyrically. The message is very convicting and powerful. Certainly a song that needs to be heard. The song that impacted me the most was “Here to Love”. It talks about purpose and meaning to our lives. Why are we here? It’s simple…we’re to here to love. “Help me to lose myself to gain all that You’ve spoken.” Jesus said that if anyone wants to follow Him, they’re called to deny themselves, and that message was so clear this song. It’s also another tune that could be used in corporate worship.
I did feel that the album was weak lyrically at times. There was some predictable times in the lyrics that did not match the originality of the music. I did enjoy the album and appreciated it, though. Good stuff from Joel Auge and Integrity Music!

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