11 Years Ago Today

11 years ago today, I married my soul-mate. Today's our anniversary, and I can honestly say I'm more in love with her today than I was 11 years ago. She's made me better and given me 2 amazing children. Happy Anniversary to my wife, Jennifer. I'm excited to spend the rest of this life with her.


Erin said...

Does it make me old to read this is go "That was ELEVEN YEARS AGO?" or you old because you're the one that's actually been married for 11 year? :)

In all seriousness congratulations! I'm looking forward to my and Devin's FIVE year anniversary next month!

Gary Durbin said...

It definitely makes me old to read about your 5 year anniversary. Congrats! Jen and I are so proud of you. You've done great. Keep it up!

Crystal G said...

Yeah you're both old....Daniel and I are the young newly weds with only a year and a half under our belts. lol