Now to the King

This is a scripture song taken from I Timothy 1:17.


Althoffs said...

Hey Gary,

I like the song. It's got a cool modern hymn feel to it and very singable. Sounds like your congregation is finding it useful too.

My only first impression was maybe considering tweaking lyrics/melody a touch to keep it in 3/4 the whole time. After one time through the song I get how it goes to 4/4 near the end of the verse and chorus to fit in "Forever and ever Amen".

You may have already been back and forth with it yourself. On one hand it does make it more musically interesting to have it go into 4 at those couple spots. Just feels a little odd the first time you're learning it.

My only other thought is lyrically how you use the word "eternally". It's a cool take on it. To me it just puts more emphasis on God being immortal and invisible instead of eternal, immortal and invisible being equal characteristics of God. I get it though needing it to fit the melody. These are the fun things we get to try to hash out as songwriters!!

Overall though I like it and love to hear the scriptures being sung. That's near to my heart as a songwriter too. Looking forward to hearing more as you continue to write.

Gary Durbin said...

Thanks so much for the input. Means a lot & well put.

Eddy Mann said...

What a great song, I like the odd measure [actually even 4/4] I didn't have any trouble feeling it after it was introduced the first time. Sweet Bro.