Worship Confessional 04.25.10

No video this week. It was a busy Sunday. We ended our series on fasting yesterday. Our pastor called the church to a corporate one day fast from Saturday to Sunday, so the majority of the church came yesterday, having fasted for 24 hours, hungry and focused on God. It was a special series. One of the best I've ever heard. The best part was to see our people soak in the principles of fasting, and then actually apply them into their life. Pastor concluded it by challenging the church to continue to make fasting a part of their life.This was also the first week I led with electric guitar. I just purchased a Fender Telecaster. I'm really more of an acoustic player, but that will be fun to lead with occasionally. Our set list was great. "Our God" has really connected with our crowd. It was the perfect song to start our morning off with. It's only the second time we've done it, and it seemed our crowd already knew the song, which is a mark of great writing. See you next week!

Setlist with itunes links:

Our God - Tomlin/Redman
Stronger - Hillsong
Healer - Hillsong
Enough - Tomlin

Flow Sheet from Planning Center

Also part of Sunday Setlist.

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