Worship Confessional 04.18.10

Setlist with itunes links:
Creation Praise - mine
All Creatures of our God and King - HYMN
Our God - Tomlin/Redman
Everlasting God - Brenton Brown

Flow Sheet from Planning Center

Also part of Sunday Setlist.

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Bkwestman said...


Really liked your version of "All Creatures". Nice!

I wish I had your problem of things flying off your fingers! Mine stay on quite nicely... :(

We introduced "Our God" last week and did it again this Sunday. It is a great song!! We actually lowered it to G, and did it there. You're right, the song is really a lesson in dynamics and patience for the band! We don't use click tracks, but that's one song where I can see that being helpful - very easy to rush with all those eighth notes!!

Have a great week!
Barry Westman