Kingdom EP is on Itunes!

My new album, Kingdom EP is on Itunes, as of today.

I'm more excited about this album than my previous ones, because I see at as such a tool I can share for God's kingdom. There are six songs on the album. Everyone of the songs are ones that my church and other churches have really grabbed in worship. My prayer is that it will be a resource for worship for the listener and for worship leaders. I'm very passionate about the local church, and everyone of these songs are easy and accessible to use in church.

Simply put, this album is a resource for the Church.

The album consists of three brand new recordings:
-My Peace
-May Your Kingdom Come

It also has three previous recordings that have been remastered:
-Alleluia (Our Praise is)
-Holy Reign
-Beautiful Scene

I've also put all the chord charts on my website, garydurbin.com, for free download.

This is a strictly digital download album, so Click here to get it on Itunes today!

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