Album Review - Pocket Full of Rocks - More Than Noise

The first time I heard a PFOR song, I didn't know it was their's. It was on September 11th, 2001. I bought the Michael W. Smith Worship album, 2 planes destroyed the twin towers in NYC, and amidst all of that I was driving down the road and the song "Let it Rain" rocked my already shaken heart. Since then, PFOR has made a great impact on the CCM world, by bringing the heart of the church and worship to their listeners.
On their third studio album, More Than Noise, I believe we're hearing their best. It certainly doesn't hurt that Ed Cash, who has brought us the works of Chris Tomlin, produced this latest album. The opening track "Alive" is a perfect way to kick it all off, as it expresses a heart for living for God in this life. The song that grabbed me the most was "Come As You Are". The opening line just killed me: "He's not mad at you...". Michael Farren, frontman of the band, told me on twitter, "...crazy that so many people sit in worship services feeling that broken." That should be the news that we shout from our churches. You don't have to be perfect, just come as you are.
"Jesus Died My Soul to Save" is a song that all churches, no matter the style, could implement into their set lists. You can definitely hear the congregation singing this as you listen to it. They also did a huge version of their staple, "Let it Rain". I cannot wait to add this to our set list at my church. It's a very powerful version, and you can tell that the Holy Spirit gets the main songwriting credits on this anthem. Watch this beautiful acoustic version of the song:

I am a big fan of their last album, Manifesto, but I think this easily tops it. This is a quality band, not to mention Michael Farren's powerful vocals, and you will love having this in your car's speakers. Click here to purchase it on itunes.

A special thanks to Word Music and PFOR for the opportunity to do this review.


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