Worship Confessional 02.21.10

Setlist with itunes links:
Unchanging - Chris Tomlin
Radiance - mine (recording coming soon)
God of Wonders - Passion
Hosanna - Brooke Fraser

Flow Sheet from Planning Center

Also part of Sunday Setlist


Bkwestman said...

Did you move from Florida to England?? It looks like you're on the wrong side of the car and road... (LOL) Great list.

Gary Durbin said...

I can honestly say "I wish." I love England. :)

danieljohn said...

Always love hearing what you guys are doing and cannot wait to hear your EP. People here are still loving "Radiance" and will definitely want a chance to purchase it. When it's out, let me know and we'll help push it.

All the best man!

Gary Durbin said...

Thanks Daniel. We're really close to finishing the project. Can't wait to share it with everyone. I'm so excited to hear about you guys doing Radiance. Thanks for the encouraging words!