Music Monday 11

This is a post that you can participate in on every Monday. Everyone likes music, and there are obviously many tastes in music. This is here to see what different types of music are filling everyone's lives. Chime in!

I'm definitely a child of the 90's. Those were the high school days and I have a lot of great memories from that decade. I personally think the 90's have some of the best and worst in music history. So...

What's the best and worst when it comes to the music of the 90's?

I think you've got to recognize the mark of Nirvana. They totally changed the game after the 80's. They were a huge impact on music, in a good way. The worst, for me, was the late 90's with the birth of corporate pop "music". It was crazy manufactured with boy bands and disney artists. I call it one of the dark ages of music.

your turn...

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