Book Review - 9 Things You Simply MUST Do

9 Things You Simply MUST Do by Dr. Henry Cloud

People are weird. I know I'm weird. People can also be very difficult to deal with. If you think about it, people are the source of most of our problems. People are also the ones that help us and they are the ones we depend on, so, basically we need each other. So, we have to learn how to deal with each other, tolerate each other, and ultimately love each other.
In the book 9 Things You Simply MUST Do, Dr. Henry Cloud gives us nine very valuable principles of living a successful life. The underlying theme of the book is being a "Deja Vu Person". I personally thought that "Deja Vu People" should have been the title, but that's just the marketing side of me coming out. The first two chapters are introductory and a little slow, but once you get into the 9 principles, the nuggets of wisdom just keep coming. He uses a lot of stories from personal experiences of counseling people, and that's not really my bag, but the principles he is applying were spot on. I love reading books like this, because they put things every good leader knows into words and sentences that they can pass on to others. He ends the books by saying:

"Do not see success in love or life as a goal that you cannot attain or a prize only for special or lucky people. That is not true. Success is never embodied in a person, but in the ways of wisdom that transcend any one individual."

9 Things You Simply MUST Do is a great read for anyone on how to deal with people in a wise and productive way. I believe every leader simply must read this one.

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