Worship Confessional 01.31.10

Setlist with itunes links:
Alleluia (Our Praise is) - mine
Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman
Consuming Fire - Tim Hughes
All Who are Thirsty - Brenton Brown

Flow Sheet from Planning Center

Also part of Sunday Setlist


Bkwestman said...

Hi Gary,

Good thoughts. It's easy to throw in your favorite songs just because you like it, but you're right - we should be seeking what songs God would have us use. Good pick on "Consuming Fire" - great song!

Harold Forbis said...

Man, that's a tough one, isn't it? You hear something that's really ministering to you personally, but it may not be where God's wanting to meet the whole church that week. Especially a song like Consuming Fire, one that's calling out to God in a specific way - it just doesn't 'work' if God's not on it.

Thanks for sharing Gary!