Music Monday 7

This is a post that you can participate in on every Monday. Everyone likes music, and there are obviously many tastes in music. This is here to see what different types of music are filling everyone's lives. Chime in!

We are definitely in the digital age, and I'm sure CD sales are down. So...

Do you still buy CD's sometimes, or are you strictly digital downloadable?

I still know people who like to buy the CD, but I am definitely a downloader. I do have exceptions though, and they are... Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, U2, Coldplay, and the Killers. Everything else is coming off of Itunes.

How about you?


Luke said...

I'm 100% downloads! Usually iTunes direct to my iPhone because I'm an impulse shopper, but I'm using amazon's mp3 more and more.

Crystal G said...

I either download it or get it off Daniel's cd's. It's okay for me to rip and burn from him. He pays a heavy price for his cd's because he gets the DJ one's.

It's also cool for me because he normally gets the big hits months before it comes out on the radio.