Songs To Do List

This one's on the top of my to do list for 2010. Love this song and can't wait to lead this in worship...

Jesus Saves from Kingsway Communications on Vimeo.

So, Worship Leaders...What's on your Song to Do list?


Bkwestman said...

Thanks, Gary! That's a great one!

Jim Drake said...

Do It Lord! (Tommy Walker)
Rising of The Sun (Baloche)
A Greater Song (Baloche)


"Glory of God" by Jared Anderson. I really like "Jesus Saves" too, good pick. That was on the SongDiscovery last month right?spust

Luke Mundy said...

That's a great song!

This year, we're focusing on upbeat, uplifting praise... we have a lot of reflective tunes already. Here's what I've got planned:

-Majesty & Mystery (Awesome God) by Vicky Beeching
-We Crown You by Steve Fee
-Revival's Fire by Andy Cherry (on the Catalyst Music Project album)
-King Forever by Evan Wickham

And I think Jesus Saves may join that list!