Music Monday 1

This is a post that you can participate in on every Monday. Everyone likes music, and there are obviously many tastes in music. This is here to see what different types of music are filling everyone's lives. Chime in!

I thought we would kick this off by talking about methods. I'm from cassette era. I had Sony Walkman and a dual deck boom box in my room that could do high speed dubbing...oh yeah. Obviously things are different now and CD's are becoming extinct. So...

How do you listen to your music?

We are definitely an ipod-friendly house. I have an ipod touch and my wife has a nano. The only exception is that I don't have a way to listen to my ipod in the car, so I'm still rocking the CD's on my drive. Other than that, we're mainly using the ipod.

your turn...


Crystal G said...

In the house we listen to Pandora through the Blu Ray player in the living room. In our bedroom (no tv) we listen to my record player or the stereo.

In the car we listen to whoever's mp3 player gets plugged into the AV jack the fastest. I have an iPOD touch with Daniel owning a Zune.

So we cover a range of music methods from vinyl to mp3 owning a player for everything but 8track.

Chris Burke said...

We are digital music people, infact, we got rid of all of our cds about 3 years ago. My students would listen to my cds, and leave them out, and they would get scratched, so I spent a few weeks putting all my cds (about 400) onto my computer.

Since then, basically the only music I've gotten has been digital, buying most of it from the iTunes Store. I'm also a HUGE iTunes organization nazi.. so, every song that is in my library (about 5000) is labeled properly, and has the album artwork.. yes, OCD kicks in when it comes to my iTunes!

In the car we have 2 ways of listening, 1 is both my wife and I have iPhones, and we plug it into our AUX on the cd player in the car, OR, we also have Sirius Satellite radio. I honestly cannot remember the last time I listened to local radio.. last march I think.. which is when we got Sirius.

As for how you can listen to your iPod in the car.. I suggest the Belkin Tunebase.. I have one for my iPhone (I didn't always have an AUX in my car) and it works really well.

Erin said...

I had a Sony walkman too! Then I felt really cool when I got a discman! And at yard sale we had a several months ago I sold my dual cassette boom box/cd player, sad :( Now the only actual CD player is in an old alarm clock that we have in Collin's room to listen to his lullaby CDs.

My husband, brother, and mom (yes, my MOM!) all have iPhones they use, I use my iPod nano, which I do listen to in the car so the 6 disc CD changer doesn't get used all that much.