Worship Confessional 10.04.09

Setlist w/Itunes links:
I Will Boast - Paul Baloche
Holy - Brenton Brown
Radiance - mine
Shine - Matt Redman

Planning Center Flow Sheet

Also part of Sunday Setlist.


Eddy Mann said...

Ah, Mr. Brightside... my prayers for tomorrow night's rehearsal

Harold Forbis said...

Gary, we had monitor problems today too. How did Jesus deal with these things!?

I really like your song Radiance, having listened to it on CCLITV several times. It looks like it's in Ab, capo'd to play in G - is that what you're doing? Is there a chart available?

Have a great week.

Bkwestman said...

Great, Gary. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Gary.

danieljohn said...

Love the video and the song is one I'm going to add to our rotation of songs! Thanks for sharing this!!

Gary Durbin said...

thanks everybody, for the kind words.