Frugal: economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful.

We're trying to be a little more frugal in our house. We're not hurting financially, but we're a little tighter than we'd like to be, so it's time for change. Now, I will never consider myself poor, as long as I live in the States, because compared to many other places in the world, we're filthy rich. My perspective on that was forever cemented after my trip to Africa this year. It really does bother me when I hear people complain that they're poor, when they have more than most people in the world. ANYWAY, we're making some changes to better our situation, financially.

For one thing, we're eating out less and less. You can go through some serious cash every week by simply eating out too much. Thanks to my wife's frugality, we eat real cheap if we eat out. She's always got some free meal coupon from doing surveys, so that helps.

The other things we're cutting are cable and internet. We have the full deal digital cable with DVR and internet. Do we enjoy these luxuries? Yes. Do we need these luxuries? No. We've gone without them before, and we actually didn't die. This change, alone, will save us over a hundred dollars a month. This is actually a very positive change, because you end up watching way too much TV with the DVR. You start recording shows just for the heck of it and then you get hooked on them. It's a good change.

So, what are your frugal ideas that can be implemented in saving some cash for everyone? Help me out.

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Crystal G said...

-We went to basic cable and it's fine for the amount of tv that we watch. We get Netflix and since we can stream to our Blu Ray player it helps too. -Coupons...Coupons...Coupons, the other day we saved like $50 at Publix between coupons and BOGO. -I buy things ONLY if they are on sale and if they are non perishable we buy a lot. Right now we have 5 boxes of cereal at our house, they were BOGO and I had a $1 off coupon.
-We're big fans of the library. They have dvd's you can rent along with cd's. Our library has pretty current stuff.
-I buy bulk cookies and then break them into smaller bags for Daniel's lunches. It's a lot cheaper then buying already individual packages.
-Daniel brown bags his lunch M-Thurs.
-At night we switch off the power cord for the tv, Blu ray player, Wii to save on the electricity that they use over night. Also I don't keep kitchen appliances plugged in.

On a personal level I HATE spending money on myself. I once lost a job and was out of work for almost a year. It took an emotional toll on me and now I can't spend more then $10 on any one thing for myself. I once spent $60 on new clothes and had a panic attack. Saving money is not about the actions you do but with the thoughts in your head. Pick what's important to you(nice car, vacations,Christmas) and spend lavishly on them, you will get the most joy out of the money spent, but save every where else. And as your tempted to buy ask yourself is this more important or need more than (lavish item)?

I could go on...that's the money manager in me. =)