Creation Praise

This is one of my older songs. I recorded it in 2005. It has been a staple at our church for the last few years, and a fun song to play for our band. Let me know what you think...even if it's criticism. I can take it. Thanks.

You can also click here to get it on itunes.


Harold Forbis said...


I like this song. It's really good to widen our perspective of what worship is to the biblical one - that everything God created declares his worth. He's SO worthy of praise that everything everywhere offers it to Him all the time.

The music really fits the lyrics well, very melodic and interesting. I particularly like the chord progression at the end of the chorus (maybe bridge? the "hear the sound..." part). There's something about taking a chord from major to minor that pulls you along a little further - we're moving on from that thought, yet we're going to hang on it just a little longer.

Thanks for sharing this one Gary. Do you have a chart for it? Is this one you've recorded?

Gary Durbin said...

shoot me your email at gary@garydurbin.com & I'll send you the chord chart. There's a link at the bottom of the post to itunes for the songs. Thanks Harold.

Brian Lusky said...

Sweet song Gary. Seems very singable, yet catchy, and sticks with you.

The only thing I thought of is that when we're singing "Your creation praises You", the thought that went through my mind is "I'm his creation too!" and so in that way, I'm singing not just about creation praising him, but also joining with it as part of His creation.

It made me wish there was a verse or bridge that spoke into that, that acknowledged that we're part of creation, and so now let's join with it to praise him, and so to explicitly give deeper meaning to "Your creation praises You."

Just a thought. Thanks for sharing!

Gary Durbin said...

Thanks Brian. I'm with you on that. Maybe I'll write a bridge someday to tie in that truth. I actually say that we're not creating worship, we're joining it.

Unknown said...

Great song Gary.

Gary Durbin said...

Thanks Alastair!!