It's a scary thought to answer that math problem, but we're getting a picture and have been getting a picture of it for a while now. I grew up in several churches, and every one of them were geared towards the older generation...as in, our grandparents. Now, not surprisingly, those churches are changing ot dying, literally. That whole deal is a huge reason, if not the biggest reason that we have seen and are seeing the "worship wars". Meanwhile, the younger generations, starting with the boomers, have decided that church is not for them. It's really tragic. Here's an article someone sent me on all this. Interesting stuff.


jenny jones said...

I agree totally! I love my church! I am so glad that my pastor understands that our youth need to be engaged in church!! I am so glad my boys have a church that cares about shaping them into what Christ wants them to be.

Matt W. said...

Good article. I think it's good to understand that there is no magic trick to it. They said that youth need to be engaged by the Church, and that is true. More than anything I think that they need to be taken seriously, and taught the truth, rather than being treated as if they can't understand. That's one reason why I think it's great our youth are in the service on Sunday mornings, rather than being separated out for it. I think too often (or at least I experienced this when I was younger) youth are treated as if they have nothing to offer, and maybe are just too dumb to really get what is going on and what is being taught. When I was 18 I walked out of an adult Sunday School class because of this exact attitude. Fortunately I only gave up on Sunday School for awhile and not Church altogether.

I think it's fine for Youth Departments to do fun things, but kids are not dumb, they know that they can go anywhere to have fun, so fun cannot be the main thing at Church, because, let's face it, there are better, less restrictive places to go and have fun. The main thing has to be teaching the Truth of the Word Of God, and treating them with the respect that they are due and making sure that they know that we appreciate what they have to offer. I really think that's the biggest thing.