Questions for God

When you meet your Maker, one day, the first thing that will happen is you will be on your knees in worship. But suppose you get a chance to ask some questions. You know...the questions that fuel mysteries that we talk about. If you get that chance, what would you ask God? Here's what I came up with (random order):
  • Is there a Bigfoot?
  • What's the most accurate Bible translation?
  • Who shot JFK?
  • How beautiful was Earth before we trashed it?
  • What's in Area 51?
There's more I would ask, and I'm not sure what I will really ask when the time comes, but these make me curious now. Oh, and I asked my wife what she would ask, and she said, "Why me?"..........nice.

What's your questions for God?


Matt W. said...

Hey, I don't think "why me?" is a bad question, if what you mean by that is, "However did a dingy, horrible, degenerate, vulgar, wretched piece of trash like me ever receive the blessing of Your Glorious Grace and Mercy so that I might be here today?"

I know the Bible speaks much to this, but it's just so HUGE to think about.

Harold Forbis said...

I think it'll be like the 24 elders, who start to ask their questions, but keep getting interrupted by the angels declaring the holiness of God, and get all messed up in His glory, and cast their crowns and fall off their thrones in worship. By the time they've regained their composure and start to ask another question, it happens all over again!

...Okay, so it doesn't say they're trying to ask questions, I just made that part up, but you get the idea. It would be really good to know about Bigfoot and Area 51, though.

Eric said...

Why/How did Satan sin in heaven? How is that possible?