What podcasts do you listen to? Any recommendations?


Matt W. said...

I'm not sure there is enough room here, but I'll list some of my favorites. LOL.

1. Grace To You (on oneplace.com) John MacArthur
2. Desiring God Sermon Audio John Piper
3. Answers with Ken Ham (on Oneplace.com)
4. Apologetics.com weekly radio show
5. Ask Pastor John John Piper
6. Breakpoint (on Oneplace.com)
7. Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast
8. Today in the Word Daily Devotional
9. White Horse Inn (on Oneplace.com)

and yes, on the Sunday's I can't come to Church I do listen to the Bethany Ministries Podcast.

Unknown said...

I like the Bethel sermon of the week (Bill Johnson) and the daily Derek Prince radio show.

Unknown said...

Oh and worship central (Tim Hughes).

Wisdom said...

Hey thanks for mentioning the All About Worship Podcast. I'm glad you like it!

Ben said...

Gary!!!! You're my hero! Thanks for the All About Worship love brotha!

Here are my fave podcasts:

1. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
2. Kerrying On with Kerry Patterson author of "Crucial Conversations".
3. Worship Central
4. Worship Insights
5. TheFoceCast (for my Star Wars geekiness).

Gary Durbin said...

thanks for the great recommendations and comments.