9/11 thoughts

Remembering the most horrific attack on American soil, I had some thoughts. It made me think of the lives that were lost and the families that suffered. It made me think of the unity it created for a short time in our country. It made me think of the full churches that week. Churches full of people that were trying to figure out how to feel about it all.

What comes to your mind today?


Jared said...

Growth & Strength. Like storms in our lives, so was this in the life of America.

Crystal G said...

Hugging family and friends close. That tomorrow isn't guaranteed, that they rest of the day isn't guaranteed. That on a random day in Sept your whole world can change.

Kimberly Becking said...

My thoughts turn to the unsung heros of 9-11 the wives and children of the first responders and of all military personnel and their families. My husband's scheduled 2 week annual tour began on 9-14. He left during a hurricane, we had no power Isabella was three and I was five months pregnant with Vincent. we didn't know if he that he was coming home at the end of his tour until three days before. He was on a two day alert for the next two and half years before he was deployed. he left Jan 04 and returned Jan 06. We were separated for another 6 months before the kids and I relocated to Melbourne where his job took him. Praise God for the husbands and wives and children that support and love the men and women of our Armed Forces.