Worship Confessional 08.30.09

Setlist w/Itunes links:
Everything Glorious - DCB
Holy - Brenton Brown
Whole World in His Hands - Tim Hughes
Glory to God Forever - Fee/Beeching

Planning Center Flow Sheet

Also part of Sunday Setlist.


danieljohn said...

love the setlist and also how these confessionals are always filmed in your car. very cool. glad your sunday was great!

Lori Biddle said...

I don't know all the songs on your list, thanks for sharing. I will be checking them out! thanks!!

Ben said...

nice. we did "Glory to God Forever" this morning at Riverpoint too, i think they did it last week as well.

MandoRon said...

Solid! Some great songs.

Michael J Mahoney said...

I'd love do "Everything Glorious." What a great song.

dennarr said...

Great set! We're rockin' Glory to God Forever also!